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Philosophy and Values

Our values are important to us and shape everything we do!

1. Respect - Being taken Seriously

Respect means that what an individual and their family/whanau say is taken seriously.  People are listened to and collaboration is the foundation for planning and development. Respect constitutes the basis for all relationships within SkillWise.  This includes respecting a person’s point of view, their values and beliefs, their goals and aspirations and maintaining a non-judgmental attitude at all times.

2. Innovation - Being able to get what is needed in the best ways

In order to continue to meet individuals’ changing goals and aspirations, it is important to maintain an innovative approach to how supports and services are provided.  This includes being flexible, “thinking outside the square” and maintaining open and honest communication with all concerned.

3. Self Determination - Being in Control

This means that individuals are in control of their lives.  This includes how people are supported and who supports them; it means empowering individuals to exercise choice and make decisions that are relevant to them.  We value and encourage individual input into service development and discussions up to the board level.

4. Inclusion - Being able to do things that are important to me

This means that individuals can be involved in community life alongside other people in ways that are important to them.This will include supports that build and strengthen relationships that promote natural and positive opportunities.

5. Learning - Being open to ongoing learning and development

This means that personal growth and development is part of the culture of learning which is fundamental to all who are involved with SkillWise, regardless of their role.

6. Professionalism - Being Fair and Ethical

Working in a professional way is important to everyone at SkillWise. This is supported by codes of conduct, professional boundaries and ethics and is reflected in the quality of the service provided and measured by internal and external review processes.  


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