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The White Room

Art sessions take place at the SkillWise premises at City East Church and other creative spaces in individual artists’ local communities.

Supporting people who want to use visual art as a vehicle to communicate their thoughts, dreams, views and aspirations with other people.

Having opportunities to work with other artists in the wider community, where there will be a respectful sharing and exploration of ideas and visual art interests.

We encourage the artistic aspirations of SkillWise clients in more inclusive ways.

Engage in community development projects, in order to provide opportunities within the visual art world.

·         Our focus is on art, not disability

·         We work and interact with other artists in an inclusive creative environment

·         People with a passion can communicate through visual arts share ideas, personal experiences and knowledge

·         We showcase and exhibit our works to the wider community

·         On-going development of collaboration with other creative spaces, art galleries and artists.

Come and like our online galleries on the SkillWise Facebook page.


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